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3/24/18 Radio Play - "Perseverance", KOOP 91.7 FM, Fresh from the Underground, hosted by Amy Frishkey

4/29/18 Interview and Performance - KOOP 91.7 FM Fade to Yellow, hosted by Tom Laird

Thawind Mills

5/23/18 Blog Feature - Voyage Dallas, Local Stories, "Meet Thawind Mills"

PR Lead - Thawind Mills

6/11/18 Radio Play of "Amazing" and "I Can't Help You" Zootapradio ZTR.FM, hosted by Michael Dougherty

8/21/18 Radio Play, Performance, and Interview at KZSM Radio 104.1 FM

9/6/18 Mention in the Austin Chronicle's "Snapshot" of the Austin Musicians-Artists Market


6/17/18 Radio Performance and Interview, KOOP 91.7 FM, Fade To Yellow, hosted by Tom Laird

6/18/18 Boosh Life Podcast Interview, hosted by Abraham Rivera

Mo Amer - Promotion for Netflix Special and Live Taping, June 28, 2018

6/4/18 Podcast Interview with KOOP 91.7 FM People's Republic, hosted by Brian Griffith

6/7/18 The FeedBak Podcast Interview, with Scott Butler and Bak Zoumanigui

6/22/18 Article and Podcast Interview with Comedy Wham, hosted by Richard Goodwin

Trent Minter

6/11/18 Blog Feature, Voyage Dallas, Flashes & Strokes, Video of Trent's Single, "It's Over"

PR Lead - Trent Minter

8/29/18 Voyage Dallas feature - Art & Life with Trent Minter

8/24/18 Radio Play on Georgetown Community Radio 106.7 KGTN - "It's Over" and "In My Blues"

8/26/18 Radio Play, Interview, and Performance KZSM 104.1 FM

8/31/18 Radio Play of “It’s Over” and “In My Blues” ZTR.FM

Tennessee Stiffs

7/22/18 Radio Play on KGSR 93.3 FM, hosted by Loris Lowe, "Maggie's Song"

8/12/18 Radio Play of "Thirty Pieces" on KGSR Lone Star State of Mind, hosted by Loris Lowe

8/14/18 Radio Play of "Maggie's Song" on KLBJ Local Licks, hosted by Loris Lowe

8/31/18 Runner up for The Deli Magazine's Austin Emerging Artist