Legendary Punk Rock Band, X, Celebrates 40 Years of Music with John Egan and Folk Uke

X | From left: Billy Zoom, John Doe, Exene Cervenka, D.J. Bonebrake | Photo credit to Frank Gargani

The highly inventive Los Angeles punk rock band, X, will headline at the Mohawk on Wednesday, May 24, 2017. Joining them on the bill will be John Egan out of Houston and Austin duo, Folk Uke. X's story began in 1976, when founding members, guitarist Billy Zoom and bassist John Doe, found each other after answering each other's music ads. Soon after the band inception, they quickly became one of the leading bands of the first wave punk generation. X is celebrating 40 years as a group on their current tour, and the enthusiasm still stands. As lead singer Exene Cervenka says:

"Recently we were in the van coming home from a show, and started talking about this very exciting 40th Anniversary year when Billy said:  ‘That's nice. What are we doing for our 50th anniversary?’ Aren't you glad X is still around? I am!”

The show at the Mohawk will be a blend of genres - from folk to Americana to punk rock - but followers of X will remember that the band also had country leanings, such as their 1982 album, Under the Big Black Sun. The members' few side projects were also in the same vein.

X | Photo credit to Gary Leonard

John Doe and Austin Living

As John Egan and Folk Uke are based in Texas, so has John Doe recently followed suit and moved to Austin. 

"Breakfast tacos, Topo Chico, Deep Eddy Pool, Alamo Drafthouse, and so many dear friends," Doe said. "What more can you ask for?" 

Doe also says the Mohawk is a favorite venue of his, and adding onto Exene's comments, the 40th anniversary tour is a grateful experience. 

"This anniversary tour is more than 50 shows throughout the year. Playing Austin is always a blend of old memories and new faces," Doe said. "We enjoy and are grateful for who we are and what we've achieved."

John Doe on X's appeal to several fan bases: "Good songs related to audiences across generations and eras. Some of ours can do that." | Photo credit to Autumn De Wllde

John Egan and Magnolia City

In contrast to the rockabilly rebels, the Americana-bluesman, John Egan, will be giving a more intimate show earlier in the night at the Mohawk. Egan will join X for the Texas shows all week, and Austin will be the second to last show of that leg. The singer-songwriter is touring for his seventh album, Magnolia City, a ten-song, self-produced work that pays homage to his hometown of Houston. 

"I've talked about doing something different for a while now," Egan said. "I just wanted it to be one guy playing, full of open space. I've done bigger and gnarlier. I wanted it to feel more like a house concert.” 

While Egan is singing about his "Magnolia City" - one of Houston's longstanding nicknames - he believes the city has not retained its history much like the charm of New Orleans. Therefore, he reflects those memories of his hometown in his songs. As for Austin, he is glad to hear the town is attempting to preserve the classic venues in the music scene.

"There have been a lot of great ones that have gone over the years, at least there is an attempt to have some of the history going," Egan said.  "Antone's coming back is obviously a really cool thing."

John Egan | Magnolia City

Doors will be open at 6:30 P.M. at the Mohawk on Wednesday, May 24th. Tickets and more information can be found at mohawkaustin.com.