Multi-cultural and Multi-genred: Sonic Transmissions Festival is Back for its 3rd Annual

Sonic Transmissions Festival broke ground in September 2015, where different genres performed in a span of three days, ranging from free jazz to post-punk to experimental hip-hop and to improvised music. The project was born out of a passion to bring audiences and musicians together to have a conversation about music and life. The equally-diverse creator of the festival is international jazz musician, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten. He is excited to continue Sonic Transmissions into its third year.

"The two previous years of the fest were my first attempts of doing something I've never done before, and therefore, it gave me some lee-way to fail, " Ingebrigt said. "This year's fest feels much more like the first year's but in its 'adult' state, so to speak. I've had a steep learning curve, but it's wildly exciting."

Ingebrigt on Sonic Transmissions Festival - "It's as serious as your life!" - a quote by jazz multi-instrumentalist, Joe McPhee, who is returning to the festival to perform this year. Photo credit: Peter Gannushkin

This year, bands from Colombia, Norway, and from across the United States will be involved, and while there will be a different set of challenges, Ingebrigt feels confident on moving forward. 

On the role of diversity, Sonic Transmissions not only aims to have a conversation through several musical languages but to also have that filter through the real world issues we face today. 

"I believe that in today's twisted political environment, we need to use all means possible to show that we can unite for something better than what's going on around us, " Ingebrigt added. "Music can heal and unite people. That's my goal of this festival."

Performing at Sonic Transmissions Festival 2017 - Los Toscos with Carmelo Torres (Columbia). Read more on the artist lineup at

So far, the reception of the festival has been overwhelmingly positive. Ingebrigt believes that Austin has the ability to break cultural boundaries in more ways than one, and that is one of the reasons he is motivated to keep this festival going. 

"I'm absolutely astounded by the support I've gotten in the local community in Austin around this fest," Ingebrigt said. "A lot of people seem excited and give me their support. This is what makes me wanna go on with it and why I totally think it's a huge success!"

Sonic Transmissions Festival III will be held on September 14-16, 2017. Artist lineup and more information can be found at

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