Sonic Transmissions III Campaigns for Festival Support

This year, Sonic Transmissions III will host over twenty artists across four Austin venues in a three-day gathering. The event will appeal to multiple audiences who are fans of free jazz, post-punk, world music, experimental hip-hop, and improvised music. To fund this momentous festival, Sonic Transmissions has started an Indiegogo campaign.

As founder and curator Ingebrigt Håker Flaten notes, "We have high production costs, venue rentals, equipment rentals, and this is one of the most important parts for me as a touring musician - is to provide a good standard for people coming into the city and playing the festival. Every penny matters so please help us support this festival. It is really very much appreciated." 


Sonic Transmissions III is not only going to be musically fulfilling, but the organization also has a mission for the local to international audiences and musicians. Check out the objectives below -

— To expose audiences –residents and visitors– to the exciting music currently being generated nationally and internationally. 

— To provide local musicians a platform to present their work and connect with national and international artists with the intention of garnering future work/employment/collaborations in Austin and abroad. 

— To promote Austin as a site for adventurous music and raises the city’s profile as a destination to witness diverse cultural exchanges at the highest-level of artistry.


Donations can be made at the Indiegogo link:

Watch the video below to hear more about the campaign. Videography by Trevor Smith. 

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