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OtherSide Austin is promoting the following:  Curtis LeeeBurner | Thawind Mills 

Curtis Lee | Neo-Soul Artist, Vocalist, Songwriter 

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The music of Curtis Lee is neo-soul, funk, jazz, and R&B that is both upbeat as well as a slow vibe. His influences include Michael Jackson, Babyface, Maxwell, James Brown, Phonte, Al Green, Jeff Buckley, and many more. Curtis Lee has a very active and vibrant stage presence, and his performances can branch out to a jazzier sound while keeping the listener's attention. Curtis Lee aims to become an original soul artist and to create a nice sound for all ears to hear.

eBurner | A Digital World Fusing Jazz, Rock, and Electronic

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eBurner is an electronic artist who combines fieldcraft with multiple styles to create a sonic-spiritual experience. Influenced by the pioneers of music concrète and IDM contemporaries, eBurner aims to emulate a real life picture through field recordings while providing an enjoyable atmosphere through house, drum and bass, hip-hop beats, future RnB, breakbeat, jungle, ambient, jazz, world, and rock.

eBurner released his 2017 Single, "Blind Love", on August 18, 2017 via digital download.

Thawind Mills | Musical Entertainer, Texas Troubadour, Loop Artist, Comedian, and Storyteller

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Thawind Mills has a unique story to tell, inspired by his upbringing and his colorful life as a professional touring musical entertainer. Thawind can be found performing at festivals, wineries, nursing homes, veteran benefits, children's hospital, and so much more. His music is somehow familiar and can leave the listener wrapped in a sonic sound blanket of memory and emotion. Regardless of how his music grabs you, a performance by him might be the most genuine thing you've heard in a very long time. Described as authentic to the core with his clever marriage of well crafted songs, harmonious lyrical expression and exciting guitar playing, he creates a beautiful listening experience.